Cerrando el 2014/Closing 2014

The feeling lasted for close to ten minutes. And the only way I can describe it would be like an ocean wave that increases its height and then stops. It left me inmovil, and speechless. The feeling was pure, intense and then I understood...

This morning, a message or a coincidence?

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,
but rarely admit the changes
it has gone through to achieve that beauty”. -Maya A.

Perhaps, we suffer to give up not noticing; maybe I have to stop not noticing.

Hello December

Hello December! How does it feel to be you? The last one but most celebrated and wanted one. The one that everyone wants! Some because they had it rough with your other 11 friends before you, some because they have a chance to make things right again, because after you comes a new start! Did you know that?

El ser Tú

Él secó mis lágrimas y me dijo, vuelve a intentar, renace, cree, confía, yo no me he ido, soy el mismo hoy y siempre y estaré acá hasta el final de tus días.


Anita no tiene quien le escriba/ No One Writes to Anita

I remembered opening the letter's envelope and finding a red rose, some poems, a picture and the letter. He was trying to communicate to me how much he missed me and that he was sorry I left. I quickly forgot about him, but I never forget the day I received the letter.

Enclosed -- Something Special

PS: only for hopeless romantics

El Salero/ The Salt Shaker

Funny, how sometimes you get so involve in your things that you can not see realities that surround you. Realities that have been always here for you to discover and witness. For me, it took a simple Sunday walk and an a mouldy salt shaker to whisper what I have not been able to see before. We are all humans and we all do share the same feelings, no matter where you come from!

More Precious than Gold

Time will tell you all the answers you need. Time will also reveal your deepest secrets and fears that you can’t hold any longer. With TIME, you eventually heal your wounds hoping that the scars will also be forgotten with time. Time is a precious thing we can’t be wasting. It is an asset far more valuable than gold because simply you cannot buy TIME with gold. Time is in your hands and slips away when you least expect it. Time will change you with no reason or explanation. Time is the now, the here and the never ending. Time is within me and for me. I don’t want to lose it or give it away. Time, please teach me and indulge me more with your experiences. Time, you are important for me! You are my everything!


That Thing Three Girlfriends have in Common

Last Friday night was interesting and fun! I had a girl’s night out and it turned out to be pretty good. One of the girls I already knew, but the other one I just met there. At first it always gets awkward when you don’t know the person and your other friend does. What am I going to talk about? , I thought. You don’t want to get too personal and also you don’t want to sound too superficial. Luckily for me in less than 10 minutes, we quickly found out a topic in common to talk about. Any guess? Man of course! But even more personal than that, we all had an ended long-term sentimental relationship with someone.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

That moment when you instantly click your mind with what you see in the mirror and once again realize and even say it out loud, Holly C… this is my body! And that there is nothing else to do unless you got the money for a surgical procedure, (if you know what I mean) But on this present day, I have a question. Have you realized that your body is unique and no matter what you do, you will never be that skinny?

My Big Fat Cuban Sayings

Cubans are famous for being very fervent in everything they do, and they also love to express their ideas very passionately. I am Cuban and I know this for certain! We speak Spanish, but Cuban Spanish is not commonly heard outside Cuba. And even if you are Cuban or Cuban descent living in the US or another country, you will have differences with the Spanish currently used in Cuba. This is because after some time being outside Cuba, you will miss on the new sayings or slang Cubans in the island come up with. Luckily for me, I still remember some of the slang that I learned growing up on the island, and that I know Cubans in the island still use. So, if you have a little of curiosity to know, just keep on reading!!!!!

To Dress Up or Not Dress Up

It's morning for me here in Christchurch. It’s also Friday, and Halloween day! I was raised in Cuba and we didn’t celebrate Halloween over there. So for me it was something else new that I learned when I moved to America. But then, the controversial part about this is that I am Christian, and some Christians are really against getting dressed up and all the celebration that comes with it. But, I have a different view in regards “celebrating” Halloween or joining the dressing up party. Curious? Let me explain myself. :)

There is Reggaeton and There is Cuban Reggaeton

Here we go! Reggaeton is what I called “La manzana de la Discordia” (The apple of discord). The reason why I say this is because many people classify this rhythm as “vulgar” and with no sense of educational purposes while others really enjoy listening to it. I do agree that some songs have strong language content, but I am not here to judge. Who am I to say what is wrong or right in regards to a performer or songwriter, but… here we go again!!! What I can really do is to write about it. So, I will tell you what I think and know about Reggaeton, or more specifically the one I rather listen to, which is Cuban Reggaeton, and even more specific my number one Cuban reggaeton band: Gente de Zona.

From My Wishes Jar to You

This is my Jar of 10 Wishes for you today! I hope you enjoy it!

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” Steve Jobs

20-Year-Old-Self, Just listen!

The other day while I was reading a magazine, I came up with this article talking about what advices you would write to your old 20-year-old- self. Some of them were really useful and some just a result of experience that I think you can only gain with the years. Then, after I finished reading it, I paused and ask myself the same question: What advices would I give to my 20-year-old-self? I think the list will be just very long, but there a few of them that I wish I knew back then.

Esos Locos Bajitos- Those Crazy Little Ones

I work with children and I love it. There are my little walking angels on earth that lit my everyday. I was lucky enough to get a part-time job in an after school program here in New Zealand, and I love it! (I think I said that twice) Anyways, there are many wonderful things I enjoy at my job, but there is always something special (isn’t it always?) I very much delight myself on seeing them playing dress up. Not all of them do, but the ones that choose to put a costume on... Well… words can’t even express the satisfaction it brings them. It’s like Christopher Moore quotes: “Children see Magic because they look for it”. Isn’t that something?


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