Today I was Changed by a Stranger

Today I was moved to tears. I saw a person struggling to become a better self and that moved me. I don’t know this person, but she managed with her actions to make me think how lucky I am to have what I have and how selfish I can be sometimes when I am complaining about what I don’t have. What occurred? Just read on...

Wait, how many shoes again?

God, grant me the serenity to pick the right amount of shoes for my trip. Is that even a formal prayer? I am guessing not! But I am sure God understands and appreciates a little bit of humor in a moment of predicament and stress between my husband, the suitcase and I. I always make the same mistake every time I go on a trip! I take too many shoes and ended up using at maximum two pairs.....

Beauty Tips My Mom Was Right About

Moms are always right! Right? Too bad many of us learn that a little too late, but not for me! Thirty and something years later, I now know that my mom is right most of the time :). So, I finally decided to follow the beauty tips she is always giving me. They are very simple and probably many of you girls find them familiar. But in case you are feeling curious to know, just keep on reading!

New Friends in the Kitchen

Well, this is embarrassing! I confess! I just recently became involved in eating the “proper food” to stay healthy. Consequently, I have encounter ten new friends that I am considering to keep forever in my kitchen and life. Curious? Let's meet them!

What My Colombian Hubby says that I Love

There is one thing I love about my husband and that would be: His Colombian slang! I just love those cute Colombian phrases he uses in our daily lives. At the beginning I must admit I didn’t have a clue what he was saying. We both speak Spanish, but every country has many different idioms, so don’t think is that easy! But after seven years of being together, I think I have mastered them! If you feel curious and want to learn them, just keep on reading!

In Love with Christchurch!

I love Christchurch! I have been living here as an expatriate wife since January, 2012, and I can tell you it’s been a great experience. Just click to read more and find out why I love it so much! :)

The Art of Being Alone

There is no better time than now for me to allow myself to be happy. It is time to recuperate all that I lost and offer all that I learned. By being alone, I am given the chance to learn about myself, expand my soul and allow myself to grow. I can finally close chapters of my life and become a better person. See, being alone is not a bad thing after all. At least for me, is not! What about you?

Keeping your Fabulous under Stress

In one second everything changed! I lost my Fabulous and I needed to get it back! Keep on reading and learn what I did!

Why I want a Baby Girl

I know every child is a miracle, but If I have the chance to pick a gender, it would be without a doubt a girl! I don't know why have this preference. I just can tell you what my wishes would be if I have a girl. If you already have one, God has blessed you! Keep reading and I hope you enjoy it!

Hello Garlic

If you don’t like to eat garlic, maybe this article is for you! I was not a garlic lover myself, but everything changed when I started exploring a little more about the benefits from eating it. Curious? Just keep on reading! I can assure you is more to it than the "funny smell"!

Already too Loud

“Already too loud!” that is what Bruno Walker said at his first rehearsal with an American orchestra, on seeing the players reaching for their instruments. That is also what I think, (not say) every time I see my husband picking up his accordion to start practicing at home.

Something to tell about the Cuban Croquette

I love my Cuban croquettes! More than its delicious taste, they also represent that part of my past that struggled for food in Cuba. It is my dearest dream that someday I could eat my lovely Cuban croquettes in a free and restored Cuba.

Quote of the week

Anitas Footprints Relationship Love Respect Mom Prisca Arcia

"El que persevera Triunfa"
"Victory belongs to the most persevering"
author: Napoleon Bonaparte

This is my mother's favorite quote and mine as well. Since today is her birthday, I will like to dedicate this first post to her. This quote has taken me far in moments of crisis and I know I will be still using it for the rest of my life. Never give up!

Yes, I like you Timothy!

Tomothy Fish Anitas Footprints

Hello there! That handsome boy in the picture is Timothy and I could swear that he knows me! I am not mad! Why am I saying this? Well, every morning he greets me by jumping around and making little cute circles in the water. He also responds when I call his name by swimming to the side of the fish tank where I am standing. If I sit down by the kitchen counter where his fish tank is, he will just be sitting there. Staring at me! Isn't that lovely? I really like him! He is just the best fish ever!

Quick Morning Detox

lemon detox quick morning detox anitas footprints

Everything started this February with a visit to a local herbalist doctor and finding out that I have a very unhappy liver. “Your liver is not happy!", said the doctor, and that was all I could think about for the rest of that day after I left the clinic..... for more read on....


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