It's A Messy Thursday

Nothing is in control, I repeat!!!Nothing is in control. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this. It is so unexplainable to become somebody else.

Let me explain myself a little better. I used to be a primary teacher, and you know you have to be a really organized person if you want to survive in your teaching world. Well, I WAS!!!! As organized, centered and a control freak if you may add.

Now, I am not!

I have nothing left from being so organized and centered!

I really can't control anything. My daughter is a full on active baby, and I am happy for that. But again, I can’t control anything!

I tried to be very optimistic and organize my day. Don’t you love when you have it all organized, and everything falling to place? Well, I try, believe me, but it is not happening.

“Lord, have mercy on me”, I just repeat it all the time.

At least I got the hang of that theory found in books… it says Eat, Pray and Love… just kidding!!! It says… Eat, Play and Sleep. It seems to be working fine (for now), who knows next week.

It’s a messy Thursday!!! And I think that if I meet another person that tells me how to organize myself or take care of baby I will snap.

Messy Thursday! Almost Friday…

I can’t complain… I am enjoying what I am doing. ….And well she is awake now… got to go…. It was fun to write this in my disorganized 10 minute break...

Enjoy life! And yes…. Eat, Play and Sleep! 

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You're so cute, Ana! Just let it go and enjoy the moments. Can't wait until our babies meet one day!!! Hugs

Thank you for your comment. It would be nice to meet little Ava one day. Hugs!!!

Thank you for sharing with us, I always learn new things from your posts.

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