20-Year-Old-Self, Just listen!

The other day while I was reading a magazine, I came up with this article talking about what advices you would write to your old 20-year-old- self. Some of them were really useful and some just a result of experience that I think you can only gain with the years. Then, after I finished reading it, I paused and ask myself the same question: What advices would I give to my 20-year-old-self? I think the list will be just very long, but there a few of them that I wish I knew back then.

Here is the “short” list:

Develop your relationship with Jesus on a daily basis.

Pray and trust more.

Treasure your true friends because they are not common and one day you might lose them.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it (apply this to anything in life)

Don’t worry so much about what other people think. ( You will never make everybody happy at the same time)

Exercise, read and write more.

Eat Healthy! (Broccoli tastes really yummy)

Be careful who you trust your most intimate secrets because that could be used against you someday in the future.

Save money!

Spend more time with the elderly people, they are full of wisdom and need attention.

Don’t worry about the brands; just keep yourself happy with what you have.

If you have a dream, start now, don’t wait.

Trust your instincts, like for real!

Don’t waste time thinking about why some friends may do you wrong, you have probably done something like that to someone as well. Just let it be!

Learn a new hobby.

Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy life!

I think that pretty much summarizes all my humble knowledge so far in life. Unfortunately, we can’t just go back in time, but at least it felt nice to write about what I have learned. What about you? What is your advice to your old self?

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