Beauty Tips My Mom Was Right About

Moms are always right! Right? Too bad many of us learn that a little too late, but not for me! Thirty and something years later, I now know that my mom is right most of the time. So, I finally decided to follow the beauty tips she is always giving me. They are very simple and probably many of you girls find them familiar. But in case you are feeling curious to know, here they are:

Mom’s Beauty Tips to make Me Pretty From the Outside

¡Ponte los rolos antes de salir! - That means to wear a roller set before you are going out. What is her reason behind this? Well, according to my mom, the roller set makes your hair smooth and manageable, and also gives more volume to your hair. It works for me!

¡Cuida la forma de tus cejas! - This means to make sure that your eyebrows don’t lose the original shape. When grooming my eyebrows my mom is always telling me to be careful I don’t disrupt the arch because this is what will enhance my looks and make me look better.

¡No te vistas mucho de negro! - That means not wearing black too much. Although she is not against the idea of wearing a little black sexy dress once in a while, she insists that most of the time I wear vivid colors. Her opinion is that bright colors bring light to my life and especially the color green, which is my mom’s favorite for me to wear. I think she is right!

¡Relaja la cara!- Meaning to loosen up your face muscles. I never notice, but she does! When I get tense, I get this puckered, "jowly" look on my chin that I can't notice until I see myself in the mirror, but of course she can see it and is always telling me to relax!

Mom’s Tips to Make Me Pretty from the Inside

¡No te compares! - Don't compare yourself to anybody. I think this is self explanatory. Each person is a world and each of us brings a different kind of beauty!

¡Ayuda sin esperar nada a cambio!- When helping someone do not expect anything in return. My mom is a great helper, sometimes I can see people being grateful and other times not. But what matters in the end is like she says: “El acto de ayudar” (the gesture of helping). There is nothing sexier than to wear the sweet after a day out helping someone to move or just being supportive in a race.

¡Amigo es cualquiera! –You can find a friend in anyone willing to be your friend. She knows that I like to stick to my old friends and sometimes I am not very open to new people coming in my life. Luckily for me, my mother reminds me that I don’t need to stress about that because I can find a friend anywhere, anytime and when less expected. I just need to get out of my shell a little bit more! There is also beauty on that!

¡Comparte y Sale con los viejos!- Spend time with the Elderly. I love this one, and I do follow it all the time. The benefits are enormous: you learn wisdom, share your stories, listen to their stories, and support them and my favorite one: They teach you about keeping your memories fresh and useful for your life! Beauty comes from the inside and they sure know how to teach it!

Well, this is all for now! I hope you have enjoyed it and found it beneficial in your life. And maybe, it also helps you appreciate your mother’s advice a little bit more. Because like my mom says: “Mothers are the only ones who can tell you what really makes you beautiful”.

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