Corsair Bay

Corsair Bay is a terrific and safe beach that I did know it exist until I was told by some friends last Friday.

This unique beach is nestled in a quiet setting in Lyttelton Harbour, a 5 minute drive from the port township of Lyttelton itself.

 It is great for picnicking and swimming, and if you feel like walking.. This is the place…
There you find easy and pleasurable walks which take you from bay to bay which also are enjoyable for exercise, views and good company.

I am mad at myself from not being able to enjoy this beauty on the past two summers.

Everything about this place captured me.

Its location, the way you get there, its landscape.

Truly! It's absolutely captivating.

I was not properly dressed to go swimming, but I did manage to fold my pants and go into the water.

The water was cold, but that will be fine in a hot day in New Zealand, believe me, hot is hot!

I was able to take some pictures and then walk a little bit around it....
I felt so much warmth and closeness.

Almost like if I belong there...
Then I recalled, I have seen this place before, yes, I AM NOT LYING!
In my Dreams, Corsair Bay, you are the beach of my dreams...

I am coming back next week with a proper attire to fully enjoy it!

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Hey, that's powreful. Thanks for the news.

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