Esos Locos Bajitos- Those Crazy Little Ones

I work with children and I love it. There are my little walking angels on earth that lit my everyday. I was lucky enough to get a part-time job in an after school program here in New Zealand, and I love it! (I think I said that twice)
Anyways, there are many wonderful things I enjoy at my job, but there is always something special (isn’t it always?) I very much delight myself on seeing them playing dress up. Not all of them do, but the ones that choose to put a costume on... Well… words can’t even express the satisfaction it brings them. It’s like Christopher Moore quotes: “Children see Magic because they look for it”. Isn’t that something?

 Well, after two years of watching them playing dress up and picking up after them sometimes, I decided to ask a few of them this simple question:
Why do you like to dress up?
But be aware, you may encounter strong language (Ah! Almost forgot! I will like to give thanks to my personal reporter whose name I can’t say, but he knows who he is. (He has also been asking me for the past four days about this article)
Here are the answers:

  1. It’s pretty! – girl, 6
  2. I look smart! - boy, 8
  3. Because I like to be a fairy- boy, 8
  4. Because I want to be like Spider Man- boy, 7
  5. I don’t know yet- girl, 5
  6. I just like it- girl, 6
  7. I don’t! I hate it! - girl, 5
  8. Because I love Halloween-girl, 6
  9. Because you get to be original - girls, 9
  10. Because I like to be a princess- 6, girl
  11. Because it looks cool- boy, 7
  12. Because it’s a hobby of mine- girl, 6

Please tell me that you at least enjoyed one of these answers. I thought number 12 was hilarious. If you have children, cherish with them every moment of innocence. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to express your feelings and especially at this early age in life. My hope is to have placed a smile on your face for a single moment, and I leave you with one of my favorite bookmarked Picasso’s quote: “It takes a long time to Become Young”. Thank you for visiting me.

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