Je te aime Croissant

Let's talk about food! And today, let's talk about that delicious French pastry called" The Croissant".

My first encounter with this heavenly food was when I was fifteen years old on a Friday and I skipped my last class from High School. I know what you are thinking, but truly I was a really good student. ….. ( Not answering questions)

After that, I only fell in love with its taste and little by little I became addictive to eating it. I have tried croissants in many different homes, cities, and countries and well…

Here's why I'm telling you... I have loved the ones from Portugal and Paris, but………..

I don’t know why I get the ones from Christchurch to be the yummiest ones! Truly! Not kidding here. Especially the ones from this coffee place called “The Coffee Culture” on Victoria Street….

Lord, have mercy! I always ask for mine with ham and cheese and then they toast it!!

It’s a taste of Heaven on Earth!

I have also tried to find out the origins, but there are countless stories and legends about where this pastry originated and how it was made. There is little evidence to support its true origin (French) and the stories are as fascinating as its taste, but then that would be for another write up.

I know it is a symbol of both the French culture and tradition, but it is also kind of becoming a tradition for me as well.

So please if you haven’t had one ever try it!!!

You will thank me forever.

See you again soon….

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hahaha .. dunno why hor, when talking abt brsafkaet hor, the first thing pop up in my mind is bread .. hahahaha oh .. oats i think urs is much healthier than mine lor .. hahaha ..i wanna have cornflakes tomorrow .. hahahahaha ..

Major thanks for the post.Thanks Again. Will read on... Mcgrade

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