Keeping your Fabulous under Stress

It was last Wednesday night and my husband and I were in the mood for dining out. We decided to go to a popular Mexican restaurant called Mexicano’s that is very near to our house. When we made it to the place, there were no tables available until 9:00 p.m. “What a disappointment!” I said to my husband. Then, we started a search for any other place where we could eat. To our surprise, most of the restaurants nearby were also fully booked. It appeared to me that everyone in Christchurch decided to dine out as well.

Eventually, we arrived at a Thai restaurant not too far from where we were, and rushed inside with the hope to get a table. Unluckily, they were also fully booked! But the host at the restaurant suggested to find a table at the bar since we could order food from there too. We quickly got into the bar segment and there it was! An empty table with still wine glasses from other people, but I could care less. I was very hungry, so I ran to sit there and make it mine! With all this commotion happening, I did not evaluate the length between my bag and one glass of wine at the table. And the embarrassing MOMENT HAPPENED!


OMG! Everyone around me just stopped what they were doing and paid me a foul expression. What do you think they were thinking? I guess the answer is obvious. “Poor girl, she had too much vino! What should I do now? I am not drunk just clumsy! I felt like I went from Fabulous and Hungry Girl to Drunk and Messy in one second!
That’s when I resolved to use some of the advices that I constantly read about how to keep your cool under a stressful situation.

  • Well, the first thing that came to mind was to take a deep breath (which I did really fast).
  • Second, I recall that they propose to “address it” (I shrunk my shoulders, but I couldn’t avert the panic look)
  • Third, you are supposed to laugh, laugh and laugh at yourself (well….. I did show some of my teeth, but for like three seconds).
  • Lastly, I read that you are supposed to just move on and learn from it, which that was kind of what I did but there were still some people looking at me.

In conclusion, I think that sometimes you can’t really take yourself out of the embarrassing moment, but sometimes others won’t remember that moment as much as you think they will. They might not remember it at all after a couple of minutes! So, don’t be so harsh on yourself and just keep having a good time!

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