Las millas de mi corazón/My Heart's Miles

It's 11:00 p.m in Miami, and I could feel my body denying his time to sleep. I think my body thinks that I haven't left New Zealand, and it is somehow in denial of the time change. I just had a Cuban coffe and my mother was complaining that I did that. She is telling me that I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. I smiled back to her thinking, "well, I have not been able to sleep properly since I got here". 

And I also thought , "this is one of the hard prices I got to pay to see my family". I have to travel for 30 hours, go through three different time zones, board three planes and just try to adjust my body before I have to leave again. Because yes, my stay is not for long!

My trip itinerary is something like this (without gap times between flights):

Christchurch, NZ to Brisbane, Australia - four hours- both airports are great! Free Wifi and Potable Water at ease
Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, USA- 12 hours- honestly when I get to LA, I just want to stay right there..., plus that airport is so busy!!!!
Los Angeles,USA to Fortlauderdale USA - another four hours,, I think.... I kind of block it from my memory... It's hell!!!

Then, I have to travel by car to Miami and that would be 45 minutes depending on traffic.... Ahh so delicious, but I am happy I did it , and that I would probably do it again next year. 

You see, my heart can't count miles... Poor thing, he just follows feelings ...
He is such a gypsy heart! But here is a secret... 

 This is not the first time I travel miles to please that bumpy thing.... 
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