Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

The book’s title is: How People Grow and is written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. In that book on page 168 down on paragraph 4, I found the answer that freed me from the “too skinny dogma.” Let me quote it for you.

“People who grow up with unrealistic standards from their parents, the media, or the culture often have an “ideal” person in their head to which they compare themselves, and the result is relentless guilt or shame. Their perfectionist standard beats them up daily. The reality is that we struggle to the degree we should, given what has happened to us.”

It was crystal clear to me. I had a FALSE STANDARD of myself. I had created it in my mind a false standard of my body and myself because that was all that I was constantly reminded of by the media, friends, society, etc. It was bad and it was killing me inside. But after reading this and kind of sleeping on it for a couple of days. I was determined to stop criticizing myself and come to terms with my ideal beauty.I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that what I saw is the “Me” that is alive, healthy and striving for a better self. No more of the Skinny Drama, I resolved to be a Skinny Drama free.

Ladies! We are pretty the way we are! We are a wonderful creation and our self-image should not be based on other people or society standards. I know is hard! I know!!! But come to terms with yourself and reject that false image you have been imposed to. I really believe you are beautiful and yes, you are the prettiest of them all!


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