Something to tell about the Cuban Croquette

If you are not Cuban you are probably wondering why so much fuss about this little cylindrical piece of food. Well, let me just begin by saying that the majority of Cubans love to eat the Cuban version of the croquettes, as we Cubans call it: “La croqueta”. It is funny that nobody in the island ever recognizes that “La croqueta” is originally from France. I think they are just probably so concern about filling their stomachs that maybe that is just too much to worry about.

I clearly remember that “La croqueta” became really popular in Cuba in the times of the “special period” (a time of food scarcity in Cuba that started with the collapse of the social camp). I was at that time living in Cuba, and I can’t lie to you, I was one of the many standing in line to buy some of those “heavenly croquettes” to cease my hunger. But besides being amazingly delicious (at least that is what I think) the croquettes were really inexpensive. At that time, you could by a croquette for 10 Cuban cents. I remember that my mother would give me “two pesetas” (40 cents), so I could buy four croquettes at school. Unfortunately, they were so popular that many times they were gone by the time it was my turn to buy them. That was pretty devastating for me! The croquettes were also very popular in all kind of parties, and just in general part of our daily diet.

I love my Cuban croquettes! More than its delicious taste, they also represent that part of my past that struggled for food in Cuba. It is my dearest dream that someday I could eat my lovely Cuban croquettes in a free and restored Cuba.

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