There is Reggaeton and There is Cuban Reggaeton

Here we go! Reggaeton is what I called “La manzana de la Discordia” (The apple of discord). The reason why I say this is because many people classify this rhythm as “vulgar” and with no sense of educational purposes while others really enjoy listening to it. I do agree that some songs have strong language content, but I am not here to judge. Who am I to say what is wrong or right in regards to a performer or songwriter??, but… here we go again!!! What I can really do is to write about it. So, I will tell you what I think and know about Reggaeton, or more specifically the one I rather listen to, which is Cuban Reggaeton, and even more specific, my number one Cuban reggaeton band: Gente de Zona.

 But first things first, in case you are reading me and don’t have a clue, let me give you just a little background on where Reggaeton comes from.

Origen del Reggaeton (Reggaeton’s origins)

There is a little controversy in regards to its origins. There are two versions: some people say that it was originated in Panama, while other people say that is is originally from Puerto Rico (where most of the Regeeaton singers come from). The word Reggaeton is derived from the Jamaican Reggae, but it also receives influence from different genres like: norteamerican Hip-Hop and some other Caribbean and Latin rhythms.

Who is Gente de Zona? (Gente de Zona is a Cuban slang term that refers to people from the neighborhood)

Gente de Zona is one of the most famous groups of Cuban reggaeton. This group was founded by Alexander Delgado in 2000, and combines this rhythm with more traditional forms of Cuban music in order to attract the youngsters.

Why this group is so attractive to me?

Well, first is Cuban… just kidding.. Getting serious now! What I love about them is not only their awesome beat, but also their song’s lyrics. I think their lyrics are very peculiar! In their songs they talk about the Cuban culture, what they are going through as Cubans and social taboos. They are also very creative on their lyrics and use a lot of Cubans sayings that remind me so much of my Isla.

Here is a fragment from one of its hits that just explains what I said about their lyrics:

¿Sabes quién es Gente de Zona? Do you know who Gente de Zona is?

¿Sabes que tienes que hacer para ser como Gente de Zona? (¿Sabes?) Do you know what you have to do to be like Gente de Zona? (Do you know?)

Es imposible (Seguro). It’s imposible (For sure)

Porque simplemente...tienes que saber qué es la calle... (Claro) Because simply you have to be a street smart… (Got it!)

Tienes que tener conocimiento de lo que es vivir en un barrio humilde...You have to have knowledge of what it is to live in a poor neighborhood…

Tienes que aprender a relacionarte con la need to learn to be social with people...

Y tener presente...que nosotros mismos somos la gente. And take into account… that we, ourselves, are the people….

These words for me are powerful. They represent the humility with which they approach the people and people can relate to this feeling easily. I will keep listening to them, and I also recommend you do. Maybe you even get to like them as much as I do. Oh, something else…sorry mami, ¡A mí me encanta Gente de Zona!

PS: Here is a link to one of my favorite songs. (sorry no subtitles) Enjoy the Beat! :)

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