Wait, how many shoes again?

God, grant me the serenity to pick the right amount of shoes for my trip. Is that even a formal prayer? I am guessing not! But I am sure God understands and appreciates a little bit of humor in a moment of predicament and stress between my husband, the suitcase and I. I always make the same mistake every time I go on a trip! I take too many shoes and ended up using at maximum two pairs.

 So, I did my little research online and .....

This is what I found and it was pretty successful with me on my last trip:

First, you should gather a couple of shoes for different activities like walking, hiking, dancing or whatever your activities would be.

Second, minimize them to at least three pairs by asking yourself a question: Am I really going to use these more than two times?

Third, after you have at least three pairs of shoes selected make sure they fall in the following categories: a comfortable pair of stylish walking shoes, a formal or dress shoe, and the third pair of shoe you need to pack with you is a comfortable and durable activity shoe. I did follow this and it worked fine!

Lastly, it is also recommended to take shoes you have worn before a couple of times since sometimes comfort is better than looks. I am so going to follow these steps from now on. I also found this article online that gives you more advices on what brand and style to take with you. Here is the link: http://www.fivedollartraveller.com/best-shoes-for-travel-backpacking/. Hopefully I was able to help you and if you have any other advices regarding this topic, please share them with me. Thank you for visiting!

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