What My Colombian Hubby says that I Love

I am married to a Colombian! It can’t get any better than that! I find the Colombian culture very similar to my Cuban culture in many things like for instance: food, music, happiness and so forth. I also recommend visiting Colombia! What a wonderful country with many attractions to offer and of course, my forever favorite two things to have when I am there: COFFEE AND AJIACO!

But going back to the topic of being married to a Colombian and being awesome! There is one thing I love about my husband and that would be: His Colombian slang! I just love those cute Colombian phrases he uses in our daily lives. At the beginning I must admit I didn’t have a clue what he was saying. We both speak Spanish, but every country has many different idioms, so don’t think is that easy! But after seven years of being together, I think I have mastered them! If you feel curious and want to learn them, just keep on reading!

Here is the list of my favorite ones:

¡Qué oso! This one is like saying: It is embarrassing!

¡Es una nota! It means: Awesome!

¡Qué vaina! Means: Too bad

¡Chino/a! It refers to a girl or a boy

Me regalas…. Means: Can you give me?

¡Mucho camello! Means a lot of work

¡Qué bochorno! Means: I am hot, (weather hot)

¡Es un Berraco! Means: the person is good at what he does, to be talented

¡Párame Bolas! Means: to pay attention

¡Listo! Done! Here are the most used and favorite ones that my hubby says. Please feel free to share new ones in the comment section below, since I am always on the look out to learn more. Thank you for visiting!

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