Why I want a Baby Girl

I know every child is a miracle, but if I have the chance to choose for a gender, it would be without a doubt a girl! Here are some reasons why:

I will love her to death and remind her every day that she is being loved.

I will teach her about Jesus not religion, and how to have a close relationship with him.

I will comb her hair and dress her until she decides she wants to do it for herself.

I will advise her on what to wear, but never criticize her if she doesn’t want to dress up like I want her to.

I will teach her good manners and principles, and mainly I will insist on the importance of being humble but with her own opinions.

I will encourage her to learn a musical instrument, a dance or a sport. But whatever she decides I will make her understand that she needs to pursue it with love and dedication.

I will teach her about self-confidence and respect to herself and others. I will also advise her not be intimidated for another pretty or charismatic girl. I will explain to her that everyone is unique and most of the time personality wins over looks.

I will watch her play with her dad and hear her laugh every time his father cracks a joke.

I will reprimand her when she makes the wrong choices and teach her about owning her own mistakes.

I will insist that she would be a good friend to others and to not expect anything back from anybody. That whatever favor she decides to do for someone has to come from her heart and soul, and that many times she will feel used, but at the end is all worthy because Jesus rewards a good soul.

I will teach her the love to exercise, eat healthy and just let go of material things that really not matter much.

I will play, dance and pray for her and with her.

I will read her good books before she is born and have her listen to Cuban and Colombian music (our background music).

I will try to teach her how to cook. But I wish she would be better than me so she can teach me.

I will hug , comfort and take good care of her whenever she feels sick.

And finally, I just want a daughter so I can replicate that beautiful look that my mother shows in the picture above. And let her know that if I lose myself in her eyes is because she will always be my LITTLE GIRL!

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So nice post very great work.

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