Getting into Zumba's mood!

It’s Monday around 9:00 am and I know my Zumba class starts in 30 minutes. I just finished having breakfast and I am enjoying my Cuban coffee that smells so good. I picked up a magazine to read, but my self conscious keeps screaming in my mind, “Get ready, you only have 25 minutes left”. I quickly get up from my chair thinking, “ I can't be late again”. It's embarrassing!, plus you can't never find an available parking spot. Yeah! Lots of people seem to love Zumba, especially the ladies.

Well, I don’t blame them if you take into consideration all of the health benefits that bring this workout. In my case, I just think it helps me to loose my belly fat. Every time I finish a class, I looked at my belly and I can swear it looks skinnier. Maybe it does, or maybe is just my wishful thinking.

Anyways, back to the part where I was getting ready. Obviously I didn’t want to go, but this time I was prepared to face my negativities. How? Easy! I followed some experts advise on ways to get into the mood for Zumba.

Here is what I learned and worked for me:

1.First, I listen to music that makes me dance. (Cuban regueatton usually does the trick)

2. Second, I boost my confidence by wearing the right outfit and I also put some make up on. (I make sure that is an outfit I feel comfortable wearing it and sexy as well)

3.Third, I think about how good I feel after the workout. (kind of the guilt trick)

4. I also have a great Zumba teacher, and I think about how energetic she makes me feel.

5. Finally, I drag myself to place the anyways!

These are just simple steps that I started to do, but really puts me in the mood to Zumba. What about you? I would love to hear what gets you going to exercise!

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