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Everything started this February with a visit to a local herbalist doctor and finding out that I have a very unhappy liver. “Your liver is not happy!", said the doctor, and that was all I could think about for the rest of that day after I left the clinic. I was told to drink some herb infusion every morning and also to take probiotics for a month (I can’t tell you what I had but it worked). But then, after a month of liver cleansing, I had to come up with something less aggressive and more practical to continue the process. I started doing the research, and I found out about the Lemon Water Detox.

It turns out that is a very popular method of detoxing your body because of its health benefits and practicality. You just need to warm up a cup of water and mix it with half of lemon juice (If you are over 150 pounds, experts recommend to use the whole lemon). Make sure you drink it first thing in the morning, and do not try it with cold water because it might have not the same impact on your body since cold water tends to shock your system. Wondering about the health benefits? Here I mention a couple of them:

Weight Loss

Freshen Your Skin

Pump Up The Immune System

Strengthens The Brain

And of course, it cleanses the liver!!!! I have been doing it since March this year, and it has helped me with digestion problems, constipation and keeps me away from colds. It’s also very refreshing in the morning and smells great. Try out and let me know what happens!

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People do not understand how important is to eat healthy and to use home advice like this one. I will follow the Lemon Water Detox that you recommend here. Thanks Anita. And keep sharing your stories they are inspiring. Thanks!

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