It Will Never Be A Goodbye

And when the time comes we will say goodbye. Not with tears in our eyes, but with open arms that resemble a hug. Why? Well, simply because I like the idea that my memories in New Zealand will last like a warm and enduring hug.

And when the times come to say goodbye, I will collect all my experiences lived here; the good ones and the bad ones, and I will keep them close to my heart and close to my soul.
And when the time comes to say goodbye, I will take memory photos, snapshots of happiness and sounds of your true and everlasting beauty.
New Zealand, when the time comes for us to go, I will be whispering you an everlasting thank you because you gave me Life.

You gave me a different perspective of the world around me.
You kept me humble and peaceful.
You encouraged me to be brave and go back to my dreams.

You just made me feel alive!

And when the time comes, I will leave you. But New Zealand, will you ever leave me?

Sometimes not even the most profound words can express the feelings of so many wonderful memories lived in a particular place. New Zealand has been a home to me and my family for almost four years now, and it will always be part of a special place in my heart.

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