Christchurch, My Long Black Coffee, And Baby Elena

Being a stay-at-home mom and expatriate wife who loves coffee is the perfect combination for Christchurch. It’s a heavy love for coffee over here. And then I thought Cubans were strong on their love for the cafecito. Never mind!

I can say that kiwis love their coffee too. There are so many coffee places in Christchurch that really impresses me. I have tried to follow the list of the top 10 to visit, but sometimes it is hard with a five month old baby girl... if you know what I mean…

But anyhow! Let me just tell you from my Cuban point of view and also someone who have just changed her taste of an expresso or cortadito for a flavorsome long black, here are my favorite five coffee spots in Christchurch for me, my long black, and baby Elena:

1- Illy EspressoBar at Westfield Riccarton. I love it because not only the coffee is amazing but also the staff that works there as well. They love to smile and make conversation and also play with Elena.

2- ilex Café & Events. OMG!! The scenery, the space….yes the space!!! Outside and inside. I am sorry but I don’t have anything negative to say about this place. I love to drink my coffee there with other mommies as well and go for a walk afterwards.

3- C1. This place is delightful. I love their decorations and in a sunny day, it could make the perfect spot for stroller, me and my long black.

4- Coffee Culture Merivale. I love the relaxing ambiance and also they are really fast on serving your coffee. (of course this is all based on my experience)

5- Savoire Cafe of Merivale. I know this place is not very spacious for strollers, but I love the romantic look if offers. And I don’t know, I just feel really cosy in there. Coffee is also great!

I also would love to thank all those wonderful people who are so understanding with babies in the coffee places. Those who open the door, who smiled at you when baby cries and just make you feel comfortable. You guys rock!

This is all for now from humble point of view. If you get excited and go visit any of those places there is a high chance you can meet me there. All good stuff I tell you, and please believe this Cuban.

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