Don't Change New Zealand

Once I hear someone saying that when you leave your home country, you will never be the same again. You will turn nostalgic, changed, dejected, and you will miss everything that you are familiar with. You will miss your friends, especially those who you grew up with, your family, your food, places, smells, etc.

I left Cuba more than 20 years ago, and I never returned. And yes, I remember that I felt these same sad feelings for a while. Lucky for me, I immigrated to Miami in South Florida, and the “things” in Miami are very similar to Cuba, so the feelings disappeared eventually.

Now, I am feeling the same as I did when I left Cuba, but Cuba is not my reason. I am feeling sad because I left another magical country, a country that in Miami most people don’t even mention it. But it is a beautiful country, a hidden paradise as I will love to call it. Its name is: New Zealand.

My New Zealand, I know you are far from me now. I know that you are in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, but sometimes I wish that you were close to me. I wish that you were in the Caribbean Sea so I can get to visit you always. I never thought I could miss you this much. I never thought leaving you was going to be similar to a love rupture. It hit me hard, really hard. But the show must go on.

Now in Miami, I am close to family and friends. Things are really different, things happen faster. I have to re-learn Miami. If you understand what I mean. I have to re-learn how to get by, where to go, where to shop, where to relax, (and I can assure you is not Miami Beach). I have to get back to my old self again in many ways.

Some people say that with time you get to numb your feelings, that you will return to your calm self and life will go back to normal. Some people say that there is an expiration date in life for special moments and that you should not live thinking in the past…

Some people say many things, but some or most people don’t know my story, your story.

And now with a lump in my throat and missing you my dear New Zealand. I can only say to you, Thank you! For the bad and good memories. Thank you for Everything! You are in my heart and I will never forget you.
Don’t change New Zealand!

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