Wait, how many shoes again?

God, grant me the serenity to pick the right amount of shoes for my trip. Is that even a formal prayer? I am guessing not! But I am sure God understands and appreciates a little bit of humor in a moment of predicament and stress between my husband, the suitcase and I. I always make the same mistake every time I go on a trip! I take too many shoes and ended up using at maximum two pairs.....

Beauty Tips My Mom Was Right About

Moms are always right! Right? Too bad many of us learn that a little too late, but not for me! Thirty and something years later, I now know that my mom is right most of the time :). So, I finally decided to follow the beauty tips she is always giving me. They are very simple and probably many of you girls find them familiar. But in case you are feeling curious to know, just keep on reading!

Keeping your Fabulous under Stress

In one second everything changed! I lost my Fabulous and I needed to get it back! Keep on reading and learn what I did!

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