Je te aime Croissant

While food historians have shifted theories about the origin of croissants, there's no doubt that "croissant" is the French word for "crescent."…. The name is suitable because croissants are tender, butter-flavored pastries rolled into flaky crescent shapes…. And also becoming one of my favorite pastries…

Cerrando el 2014/Closing 2014

The feeling lasted for close to ten minutes. And the only way I can describe it would be like an ocean wave that increases its height and then stops. It left me inmovil, and speechless. The feeling was pure, intense and then I understood...

What My Colombian Hubby says that I Love

There is one thing I love about my husband and that would be: His Colombian slang! I just love those cute Colombian phrases he uses in our daily lives. At the beginning I must admit I didn’t have a clue what he was saying. We both speak Spanish, but every country has many different idioms, so don’t think is that easy! But after seven years of being together, I think I have mastered them! If you feel curious and want to learn them, just keep on reading!

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