More Precious than Gold

Time will tell you all the answers you need. Time will also reveal your deepest secrets and fears that you can’t hold any longer. With TIME, you eventually heal your wounds hoping that the scars will also be forgotten with time. Time is a precious thing we can’t be wasting. It is an asset far more valuable than gold because simply you cannot buy TIME with gold. Time is in your hands and slips away when you least expect it. Time will change you with no reason or explanation. Time is the now, the here and the never ending. Time is within me and for me. I don’t want to lose it or give it away. Time, please teach me and indulge me more with your experiences. Time, you are important for me! You are my everything!


The Art of Being Alone

There is no better time than now for me to allow myself to be happy. It is time to recuperate all that I lost and offer all that I learned. By being alone, I am given the chance to learn about myself, expand my soul and allow myself to grow. I can finally close chapters of my life and become a better person. See, being alone is not a bad thing after all. At least for me, is not! What about you?

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