Already too Loud

“Already too loud!” that is what Bruno Walker said at his first rehearsal with an American orchestra, on seeing the players reaching for their instruments. That is also what I think, (not say) every time I see my husband picking up his accordion to start practicing at home.

Yes, I like you Timothy!

Tomothy Fish Anitas Footprints

Hello there! That handsome boy in the picture is Timothy and I could swear that he knows me! I am not mad! Why am I saying this? Well, every morning he greets me by jumping around and making little cute circles in the water. He also responds when I call his name by swimming to the side of the fish tank where I am standing. If I sit down by the kitchen counter where his fish tank is, he will just be sitting there. Staring at me! Isn't that lovely? I really like him! He is just the best fish ever!

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