Christchurch, My Long Black Coffee, And Baby Elena

If Coffee is the answer who cares about the question!!!
Here you find a Cuban girl who adores her long black coffee and now her baby is coming along...

Beauty Tips My Mom Was Right About

Moms are always right! Right? Too bad many of us learn that a little too late, but not for me! Thirty and something years later, I now know that my mom is right most of the time :). So, I finally decided to follow the beauty tips she is always giving me. They are very simple and probably many of you girls find them familiar. But in case you are feeling curious to know, just keep on reading!

Why I want a Baby Girl

I know every child is a miracle, but If I have the chance to pick a gender, it would be without a doubt a girl! I don't know why have this preference. I just can tell you what my wishes would be if I have a girl. If you already have one, God has blessed you! Keep reading and I hope you enjoy it!

Quote of the week

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"El que persevera Triunfa"
"Victory belongs to the most persevering"
author: Napoleon Bonaparte

This is my mother's favorite quote and mine as well. Since today is her birthday, I will like to dedicate this first post to her. This quote has taken me far in moments of crisis and I know I will be still using it for the rest of my life. Never give up!

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